lördag, augusti 11, 2012

Grekernas förfäder har något att lära oss alla.

Nedanstående citat är en kopia från ett inlägg i Facebook och jag kunde inte låta bli att "låna" det.
Förmedlat från min vän Charlotte Backman i USA


Caroline Casey - Coyote Network News.

from Robinette Kennedy: An old friend from Crete is visiting us. Tonight I mentioned that a certain presidential candidate suggested today that it isn't appropriate for the voters to delve into his finances. My friend responded,
"In ancient Greece, before a political candidate could run for office, he had to declare everything he owned, and the people would verify this accounting. If elected, after his term was complet
ed, the people would investigate his financial affairs and property and compare them to the original list. And, if he had mismanaged the country's or city's wealth, and/or the common wealth was diminished in any way, the state would confiscate his whole estate, money, etc. He and his family would become slaves (working for the common good for free), until every penny was repaid." --Maria Nausica Maria Gall

Det är ett högintressant inlägg i den politiska debatten. Kanske något vi bör ta till oss.

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Bror sa...

Ja. Men vi kanske inte skulle ha så många att välja mellan? Kanske bara galningar? Men jag förstår vad som sägs...

Brittis sa...

Nej kanske inte så många att välja mellan men de är då desto pålitligare.